No errand is quick, because toddlers.

Earlier today, my three year old son pooped his pants in the middle of a clothing store. Fortunately, the mess stayed within the confines of his pants, but still – my kid shit in a store, without warning, despite the fact that there was a public washroom several meters away. WHY? Because he can. TheContinue reading “No errand is quick, because toddlers.”

This is how you know it’s true love.

In my experience, parenting is best described as a constant flood of emotion that hits you in the face while you attempt to navigate through adult life without completely losing your shit. Repeatedly. Forever. Besides the overwhelming love, joy, excitement, guilt (GUILT!!!) and anxiety that marks motherhood, there are the small, daily struggles to traverseContinue reading “This is how you know it’s true love.”

Biodomes & Other Miracles

I am the type of person who belongs in a climate controlled dome. Not your traditional humid, rainforest-themed, tourist attraction biodome, but a comfortable bubble wherein the temperature ranges between 5 and 25 degrees celcius on any given day. Enough to mimic the change in seasons, but not so much that anyone has to shovelContinue reading “Biodomes & Other Miracles”

Published: Our Homes, Winter 2016

Happy Friday! Can I self-promote already? Because it’s happening. One of my favourite editorial clients is Our Homes Magazine, with their beautiful photography, contemporary layouts and interesting, relevant content. I often write for their Oakville edition, but last issue, I contributed two articles to the Vaughan/King Township edition of the print magazine. Here are someContinue reading “Published: Our Homes, Winter 2016”

Accidental Resolutions

I am not one to make resolutions for the new year. Sure, I’ve made half-ass attempts in years past, but truly, it’s not something I have ever done with any sort of conviction. Yes, I should go to bed earlier and swear less and not drink so much coffee – I know that. Logic tellsContinue reading “Accidental Resolutions”