Things I’ve Actually Googled (or considered Googling) this week: An abridged version

“How little sleep does it take before sleeplessness murders you” “At what age does a boy start having Man Colds” “Signs your three year old is a sociopath” “Signs your three year old is a psychopath” “How much rage is normal in a three year old boy” “What is a Shopkins” “Five year old girlContinue reading “Things I’ve Actually Googled (or considered Googling) this week: An abridged version”

Because memories are not premeditated

Perception is a funny thing. I can clearly remember looking out the car window as a small child, studying the yellow lines on the road. I couldn’t have been more than five, and I didn’t have any understanding of road rules, or how cars worked, or why every drive felt like an eternity. All IContinue reading “Because memories are not premeditated”

M is for Marriage (and Murder)

Marriage is a polarizing topic. Not just the cost of weddings, or the fight for equal rights for same sex relationships, or the religious ideals and restrictions that factor in. NOPE. All marriage is controversial. While many view it as the ultimate declaration of love and commitment – for some, a MUST before children, cohabitation, or even sex –Continue reading “M is for Marriage (and Murder)”


Time is a cruel motherfucker. WAIT, please, don’t go. I promise my language will get cleaner from here on out. (For this post, at least.) It’s after midnight on a Tuesday and I’m up writing, not only this blog post but also a magazine article that’s due tomorrow, which is why I’m writing this blog post.Continue reading “Consistency”