In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lion

Oh, March, how you’ve done me wrong. FACT: I love springtime, and have been craving the change of season since the first flakes of snow fell. FACT: March has been a terrible, terrible month in my household and if you could punch a month in the face, I’d do it now and feel no regret. ForContinue reading “In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lion”

Please, let this be my legacy.

Some days, I kill it at this mom thing. I pack awesome school lunches, actually remember that it’s Show & Share day at preschool, make homemade crafts with the kids after school, and tuck their freshly-bathed heads into bed at 7pm. SOMETIMES, that happens. Other days (ok, most days), I feel like The World’s Ok-est Mom,Continue reading “Please, let this be my legacy.”