Please, let this be my legacy.

Some days, I kill it at this mom thing. I pack awesome school lunches, actually remember that it’s Show & Share day at preschool, make homemade crafts with the kids after school, and tuck their freshly-bathed heads into bed at 7pm. SOMETIMES, that happens.

Other days (ok, most days), I feel like The World’s Ok-est Mom, wearing leggings for the ninth day in a row while getting by on enthusiasm and caffeine. Silently mouthing curse words into my coffee while hurtling my half-asleep kids into the van, I may realize that my son is missing his mittens and my daughter is supposed to return a library book that is probably lost forever, dammit. This is my life. I may be failing, but I’m trying!

And here’s the proof: I recently had a #momfail so great, the Internet declared me “hysterical”. As in, “a spectacular failure”. BEHOLD, my attempt at homemade play-dough, now immortalized on Pop Sugar Moms:

placenta playdough fail erin pepler

Yup. That’s my Instagram, and my play-dough. As my husband often says, we are living in a golden age. Bless you, internet. Enjoy my #momfail, now and forever.

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