Published: Our Homes Magazine, Spring 2016

Yes, I’ve been writing a lot of mom stuff lately. But hey, look! Sometimes I do other things. Professionally, even. If you’re in the GTA, please look out for my latest article in Our Homes Magazine – a home and architect feature piece on a stunning contemporary build in Burlington, Ontario. Or, click below toContinue reading “Published: Our Homes Magazine, Spring 2016”

This is probably the start of a downward spiral (or maybe one of those Oprah moments)

Between major sleep deprivation, personal stress, and an above average workload falling horribly on a PA Day week, my brain’s a little fried right now. Or a lot fried. This is the actual train of thought I had to pull myself out of this morning: Realization: I have the keys. The keys are in myContinue reading “This is probably the start of a downward spiral (or maybe one of those Oprah moments)”

The Participation Medal (Motherhood Edition)

Hello, my name is Erin, and I’m a pretty good mom. Not like the gold standard, probably, but definitely more good than bad. I try, at least. I’m never not trying. My kids are typically clean, fed, and reasonably well behaved (the older one, at least). I volunteer at their schools, help the older oneContinue reading “The Participation Medal (Motherhood Edition)”