That weird job where you write about your feelings on the Internet

Oh hey, friends. Nice to see you. How’s your summer going?

My latest excuse for not updating my website is that it’s August, and I’ve been very busy with camp schedules/work/road trips/family/reading and then binge-watching Big Little Lies, but let’s be real: I can use those excuses year round, in one form or another, and I will.

But there’s always Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, which I actually use, and these posts that I’ve had published recently. I’d love it if you’d take a look and share any that hit home for you or make you laugh. If my life can’t be perfect, at least it can be funny.

Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

When Did Birthday Parties Get So Pinterest? (Urban Moms)

Summer is a Special Kind of Torture for Working Moms (Urban Moms)

8 Reasons Baby Wipes are Still Magical Even When Your Kids Are Out of Diapers (SavvyMom)

Realistic Road Trip Hacks (SavvyMom)

No, I’m Not The Nanny (YMC)

I’m a Hot Mess Type A-OK (YMC) (This is not what I titled it and I don’t even know what it means but people are really connecting to this article so let’s just go with it)

I’ve got some other things coming up soon for The Mabelhood, YMC, Urban Moms, SavvyMom and Our Homes Magazine, plus a piece on Scary Mommy (my first on that site). Busy times and plenty of excuses in the making…plus, I still have three episodes of Big Little Lies left. (I can’t name a single show I’ve watched more than two episodes of in like, the past five years, but I’m obsessed with BLL right now. I blame the book for getting me hooked.) I can probably be counted on for an update sometime before Christmas, I guess? Place your bets.

(And thanks for reading. xo.)



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