Love more, judge less

Confession: I’m better at consistently writing on my Facebook page than my website so sometimes, I steal material from FB and repost it here. IT’S NOT LAZY, IT’S PRACTICAL. xo

I love my friends – all of them. I love my friends who are moms, my friends who want to be parents one day, and my friends who choose not to have children. My male friends, my female friends, the friends who are much older or younger than me, the friends who happen to be family, my neighbours and the friends that I work with. I love my friends who work in science, medicine, education and business, and my writer friends who are up at 3am because honestly, that’s just what we do.

It doesn’t matter who you are or how we met. It doesn’t matter what your family, career or bank account looks like. When life is hectic, I’m pulled too many directions and my kids are making me crazy, all I want is a friend who doesn’t judge.

This is the friend we all need.

A friend who listens when you talk about the challenges of motherhood, and doesn’t make you feel like you’re doing it all wrong. Who understands that when you vent about one of your kids, you still love them with all of your heart. Who knows that being driven crazy by your children isn’t a sign of a bad mom, but a mom who cares.

A friend that can laugh when you tell a story about some ridiculous thing your child did, but also understands that on some level, you’re anxious about it.

A friend who encourages your dreams, whether they’re about career or family or something else entirely, but also lets you unload about how chasing those dreams is sometimes frustrating and exhausting.

A friend you can confide in, speak freely with, and be silly or sad with. Who knows that sometimes, you need a good heart-to-heart and other times, you do better communicating in memes.

The friends that sometimes, you talk to three times a day and sometimes, you don’t see for three months because LIFE.

These are the friends we all need – the village we always hear about. These are grown up friends handling grown up shit.

Don’t be the unsolicited advice giver or the one-upper. Don’t be the friend who always needs something but gives nothing. Don’t be the friend who is always on her phone during dinner. Don’t be the friend whose eyes speak judgement, or who speaks it aloud, or says it all behind your back.

Be the friend who looks someone in the eye on a hard day, smiles, and lets them know that they’ve got this. The person who gives tough love, but never at the wrong time. Who calls you on your shit but does it with kindness. Who wants you to live your best life, even if it’s very different from their own.

Be that friend, and surround yourself with versions of that friend. They’re out there, and they’re wonderful.Β #momlifeΒ #adulting#lovemorejudgeless

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