Monday sucks/Monday is awesome

We have been taken over by head colds. They are upon us, in us, all over us in every way and honestly, I’m over it. I don’t want to blow another nose or feel the hot, germy breath of a child who has coughed directly into my mouth. Is it spring, yet?

NOPE. But it’s almost Christmas – only a week away. YAY! And today, this gift – my first post on Scary Mommy, complete with this nice little bio page on their website.

I’ve been reading Scary Mommy for years and honestly, I’m excited that they’re sharing my stuff. It feels good…almost as good as not having this cold would feel.

So hop on over there, read my post, share it all over social media and then come physically pat me on the head, because I need your love and affirmation to get me through this week.

xoxo and Happy Monday, friends.

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