Is it too late to say Happy New Year?

My Christmas cards are still hanging up in the hall near our front foyer. At first I left them there because I liked them, and then to defy my husband (who wanted them gone on Boxing Day) and now, it’s just laziness. I’ve gotten so used to seeing them, I don’t see them anymore. This is my life, guys.

So Happy New Year from my house, where it’s still just after Christmas.

Things have been busy as usual, but here’s a bit of what I’ve been doing:

This piece called I’m a Good Mom (But I Suck at Playing with my Kids) was republished by Scary Mommy, which was exciting for me because I’ve been a longtime reader.

I wrote these two pieces for Mabel’s Labels: Finding Joy in the Ordinary Days and Read This: Worry-Free Money by Shannon Lee Simmons. (Have you read it yet??)

Then Scary Mommy came back and republished a piece I wrote for Urban Moms called The Invisible Workload of Motherhood is Killing Me. This is a more serious piece and holy shit, it resonated with people. I just checked and it’s at 83,000 shares on Facebook (WHAT) which translates to the biggest readership of my career. Naturally, it also came with a few criticisms and digs at my husband (somehow, my busy life translated into bashing his role – obviously not my goal or intention). Still, despite a few interesting comments, I’m thrilled with how well this has done. I’m passionate about this topic and will continue to write about it no matter how much I’m yelled at on the Internet.

What else? Well, I Need to KonMari My Brain, which is obvious if you read the previous article. My kids keep crawling into bed with me and destroying my sleep but honestly, I Might Just Miss These Sleepless Nights. And finally, I think Moms Should Take Sick Days (and dads, too).

Plus, way back in December, I shared The Best Gift Ideas for Dads and The 12 Emotions of Christmas. AND THERE WE GO. I’ve updated my website, while simultaneously failing my resolution to consistently update this website. (If you’re interested in updates in a more timely manner, please follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.)

Thanks for reading, commenting and even yelling at me on the Internet – the latter keeps things interesting and the former reminds me that you’re (mostly) all lovely, lovely people.

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