REVIEW: The ‘Einstein’ children’s desk by United Canada Inc

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My seven-year-old daughter’s room is a little girl’s dream: her favourite colour on the walls, colourful art she chose herself, flamingo sheets on her bed and a model of the solar system hanging from the ceiling. She has a pink tent, a dollhouse and a bookshelf that’s overflowing. There’s a telescope she got for Christmas and a microscope she got for her birthday (because she’s going to be an astronaut, and also likes to examine small things from the garden). The one thing that was missing? A proper desk.

No desk, but yes sloth…and pirate stickers.

Now in grade one, my daughter is reading and writing above her age level (let me be a proud/braggy mom for a minute here) and is just starting to get homework on a regular basis. Much like her father, she’s a super Type A personality who likes to organize her supplies and get down to work. Typically, she was doing her homework at the kitchen table or even on the couch, which was less than ideal. We threw around the idea of getting her a desk, but everything we saw was either way too big for her (and her bedroom) or seemed too young, like it was geared for toddlers. Not seeing anything we loved, we set the idea aside.

Last month, that changed when we were introduced to the line of children’s furniture from United Canada Inc. They asked about our daughter’s needs and recommended the Einstein desk (which comes in white/pink or white/blue). I was pleased that the customer service rep was friendly and helpful, and was able to answer my questions about the different options. I agreed that the Einstein model seemed best for my daughter and an order was placed. Finally, the kid was getting a workspace!

The perfect size

The desk arrived within days and was easy to set up (or so my husband says – I will admit, I was away on a business trip and came back to find it set up in her room). My daughter is LOVING the desk so far – here’s what we like most about it.

  1. It’s adjustable: My daughter is small for her age, but this desk can be adjusted to meet her needs. As she grows, it will grow her with (which saves me from buying another desk in a couple of years).
  2. It’s functional: This desk has everything that *I’d* want in a desk for myself – a good workspace, room for pencils and art supplies, extra storage underneath, a shelf, etc. It’s super practical, which gets a thumbs up from me.
  3. It’s sturdy: This is not a cheap, flimsy desk from a big box store – it’s a high quality piece of furniture that I can see lasting for years.
  4. It comes with a proper chair: A lot of children’s desks come with no chair or a very basic one, but the Einstein arrived with a matching ergonomic chair (also adjustable).
  5. It looks cute in her room: My daughter may be 7 but she’s VERY opinionated and has always had autonomy over the design of her room. She loves the desk because it’s cute and matches her decor.

My son (in kindergarten) is already asking when his will arrive (sorry buddy – maybe next year, when you have homework as well).

Check out the great line of kids’ furniture from United Canada Inc here – I definitely recommend their children’s furniture and look forward to getting many years out of this product. 

Want one for your own little scholar? If you use the code “Erin” you’ll get an extra 10% off your order! 

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