Let me tell you a little story about loose teeth.

I’ve been a parent for almost 8 years now, so I’ve experienced my fair share of horrors.

What, that sounds harsh?

Sure, but let’s be logical for a second: I love my kids more than anything – being their mom is undoubtedly the greatest joy of my life – but these same kids have vomited on me, pooped on me, bled on me and caused at least three agonizing cases of mastitis that my once-perky boobs will never forget. I am so used to finding boogers on things that it doesn’t even register anymore. Oh, and I haven’t slept in years.

So yeah, I said it. There are horrors.

The thing is, I’m generally pretty unfazed by things like illness, injury or bodily functions. I’m calm in an emergency and can handle a cut or a burn with relative ease.

Vomit is gross, but I’ll hold my breath and get through it in order to comfort my children. And poop? If you have kids, you don’t even care about poop anymore. It happens and it’s everywhere all the time. My children and 5 and 7 now and somehow, I still clean poop off of clothing every six months or so.

It doesn’t end; it just becomes less common and more confusing.

(Read the rest here, on SavvyMom.ca)

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