New post on The Mabelhood: Hey Mama, being amazing doesn’t mean perfection

Mom guilt is messed up. It’s useless, it’s detrimental to our happiness and well-being and unfortunately, it’s something most of us struggle with. Ask any woman with kids and she’s likely to agree: motherhood comes with a pressure to be ‘perfect’ and a sense that if we’re anything less than that, we’re failing. This pressure comes from society, through social media, from our own friends and family and even from ourselves (because whether we mean to or not, we let that mom guilt in and give it a home).

Eight years into motherhood, I haven’t successfully banished mom guilt. I still agonize over what ‘balance’ truly means and beat myself up for having a life of my own, but I’m trying. I’ve made progress, at least, and I’m here to offer some tips and reminders in hopes that your journey will be faster than mine. Here goes – how to be an amazing mom, perfection not included.

Read the rest of this post here, on The Mabelhood by Mabel’s Labels.

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