New on SavvyMom: Parents, Please Stop Asking Facebook What the ‘Wait Time’ is at Your Local Emergency Room

If you’re a mom with a Facebook account, chances are you’re in a few online groups specific to your region. You know – the ones where you ask which grocery store has baby wipes on sale this week, which pediatrician is taking on new patients and where to get the best ice cream cake in town. IMPORTANT MOM STUFF, and as we all know, the answer to 80% of questions is coconut oil and/or something from DoTerra. That’s science.

I’m a mom, so I’m in several of these groups and I’ll be honest: they’re a mixed bag. Sometimes they’re loaded with judgement, arguments and sanctimommies going at each other like suburban honey badgers of the Internet. But other times, a really incredible community of women come together to encourage one another, support new moms through physical and emotional challenges and to advocate for kindness and human rights. I recently saw a bunch of moms from a local Facebook group get together to attend a local Pride parade and show their support as allies, offering “Free Mom Hugs” to anyone who needed one. That’s something to be proud of (and more than enough reason to put up with dozens of MLM posts).

I’m (mostly) kidding about the MLM stuff – to each their own, right? Just do you, mama – I don’t want to be the jerk who tells you how to live. But – and there’s always a ‘but’, right? – there’s one thing I cannot wrap my head around. It happens ALL THE TIME, and every time I see it, I grumble more intensely.

“MAMAS! Does anyone know what the wait time is like at (insert local hospital)?”

Read the rest here, on SavvyMom!

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