Another person’s culture is not your Halloween costume

October is here, and that means several things: school and extracurriculars are back in full swing, summer clothes can finally be packed away for the year, and it’s time to get creepy with your Halloween decor and costume planning. Halloween is the best, honestly – I can’t wait to cover our yard in skeletons and steal my kids’ miniature chocolate bars for weeks on end. It’s going to be great.

But here’s the thing. Can we collectively agree to NOT be cultural appropriators this year? Because it’s high time we knew better but clearly, as a society, we do not. (Just watch the news.)

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2 thoughts on “Another person’s culture is not your Halloween costume

  1. And please never wear leg warmers and big hair….your offensive to the 80s. Your article on Halloween costumes is over the top! Your everything thats wrong with this generation. Suck it up snowflake. That article was pathetic. Dont you dare lump everyone in with your opinion.


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