it’s been 84 years…

It’s been so long since I updated this website, I have aged from a young, rebellious Kate Winslet to an elderly woman who throws jewellery into the sea because she DGAF about your mission or that you took her out on a boat to relive the greatest (fictional) love story of our generation before, presumably, dying gracefully and reuniting with the ghost of a man she wouldn’t let on a door. It has been that long. I am terrible at my job, or at least at this element of it. Remember when I started a newsletter?! I’m going to start that back up sometime, randomly and without any notice, and you’ll all be so confused by the email that you’ll probably unsubscribe.

Or maybe we’re in a global pandemic and really, what is time?

Anyway, it’s been 84 years since I shared any of my articles here, or so it feels. Really, it’s only been six months but like…shouldn’t I update this website weekly or something? Honestly, friends, it may be time to lower our expectations. Or, just follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where I actually post things on a regular basis.

Here’s what I’ve been up to since March (remember March?). It’s a weird collection to look back on, from hopeful early pandemic essays and financial pieces to the challenges of working and parenting during an unexpected school closure to the loss of my beloved grandma, my frustration with our government’s lack of a safe school reopening plan and the fallout of that situation. Thanks as always for reading, and I’ll try to get back on here for May 2021.

(Oh! And I’m in edits on my book, which is exciting. Stay tuned for release details – we’re looking at spring 2021.)


Quarantine has turned me into a mean mom with no patience


School is starting in Ontario and we still don’t have a safe reopening plan (originally on Today’s Parent)


The logistics of loss during COVID-19

As schools reopen, our bubble is breaking down


What will my kids remember about quarantine?

My kids need to go back to school this fall – but I’m anxious about what that means


Credit during COVID-19: Here’s how to access the best credit in Canada right now

Advice for cash-strapped renters and landlords during COVID-19

How can you protect yourself from financial abuse?

Will the average home insurance cost go up because of COVID-19?

Fire insurance claims: when to tell your insurance provider


Great books to read at home while social distancing

I love you, teachers, but I’m so ready for this school year to be over

Back to school shopping in 2020

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