This is probably the start of a downward spiral (or maybe one of those Oprah moments)

Between major sleep deprivation, personal stress, and an above average workload falling horribly on a PA Day week, my brain’s a little fried right now. Or a lot fried. This is the actual train of thought I had to pull myself out of this morning: Realization: I have the keys. The keys are in myContinue reading “This is probably the start of a downward spiral (or maybe one of those Oprah moments)”


Time is a cruel motherfucker. WAIT, please, don’t go. I promise my language will get cleaner from here on out. (For this post, at least.) It’s after midnight on a Tuesday and I’m up writing, not only this blog post but also a magazine article that’s due tomorrow, which is why I’m writing this blog post.Continue reading “Consistency”

This is how you know it’s true love.

In my experience, parenting is best described as a constant flood of emotion that hits you in the face while you attempt to navigate through adult life without completely losing your shit. Repeatedly. Forever. Besides the overwhelming love, joy, excitement, guilt (GUILT!!!) and anxiety that marks motherhood, there are the small, daily struggles to traverseContinue reading “This is how you know it’s true love.”

Accidental Resolutions

I am not one to make resolutions for the new year. Sure, I’ve made half-ass attempts in years past, but truly, it’s not something I have ever done with any sort of conviction. Yes, I should go to bed earlier and swear less and not drink so much coffee – I know that. Logic tellsContinue reading “Accidental Resolutions”