5 Reasons I’m Grateful to Be My Kids’ Mom

Mom life is wonderful, but it can be easy to get lost in the everyday chaos of parenting. What is new math? Do those shoes still fit? Have you eaten a vegetable today? When is that dentist appointment? Do we REALLY have another PA Day coming up??

While I love my kids more than anything in the world, that love comes with extra feelings like guilt, worry and exhaustion. There are times when you stare at your kids’ beautiful faces and are overwhelmed with joy, and times you stare at the clock and count the minutes until bedtime. (The latter doesn’t make you a bad person, for what it’s worth.)

When things get crazy and I’m beating myself up for forgetting to sign my kid’s reading log because I was busy doing ONE HUNDRED OTHER THINGS, I like to take a deep breath and remind myself what really matters: that I have two incredible, smart, loving, hilarious children and more than anything in the world, I’m so grateful to be their mom.

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