Apparently, it takes a pandemic for me to update this website

Some writers are magical, organized creatures that complete a piece, post links from their website, push it out on social media and keep their beautiful, shiny digital portfolio in top shape at all times.

Oh, and then there’s me (and plenty other writers) who write things at 2am, post all the things on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and then months later, while pitching new editors, think oh – maybe I should update my website. It feels like it’s been a while!

(It’s been three months.)

Anyway, friends and lovers and mortal enemies, here’s what I’ve been up to since…December, which is when I last posted here. (Sorry.)

On SavvyMom, I suggested some great books to read over winter break (or you know, quarantine times). Read that one here.

Amy Schumer recently shared her struggle while undergoing IVF – a relatable experience for so many moms – and I talked about it for Today’s Parent. Read that piece right here.

This is another one I wrote for Today’s Parent – a personal essay on why two children is enough (for me). This article was one of my favourites of the past year, so please read it here!

Are you mad about mandatory online courses? So am I, even though it’s all we have right now (sort of, and temporarily…honestly, what is happening?! #pandemic!) Read that on here, on SavvyMom.

Over on the Mabelhood, I talked about my son’s dinosaur obsession and why I’ll be sad when (or if) he ends this phase. Read the one here.

My first piece for MoneySense magazine was on couples and money – here’s some expert advice on navigating financial differences in a relationship!

What’s next? Some fun with mom brain. Read it here on SavvyMom!

I was super happy when 29Secrets let me write about the Whitney Houston hologram tour (spoiler: I AM NOT OK WITH THIS). Read that piece here!

When we suddenly hit pandemic times and I wrote this (humour) essay on homeschooling your kids when you have no idea what you’re doing. Read that one here!

Here’s more pandemic-themed work in the form of a informational piece on social distancing. Please read and share this one, it’s important.

Finally, here’s one more from MoneySense, this time on what to do with your mortgage if you’re struggling due to Covid-19 related income loss. Read it here.

Alright, so, see you in another three months? (Really, I’ll try to do better. Remember I have a newsletter, too, and that’s loooooong overdue…). In the meantime, follow me places I’m better at keeping in touch: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Thanks for reading and stay healthy, everyone!

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I'm a freelance writer and author based in the greater Toronto area. Find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn more!

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